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DaVanter Parker or Tarik Cohen?


Ugh, apologies for asking this question in different ways a couple times BUT still struggling to decide who I want to put in my flex spot - DaVante Parker OR Tarik Cohen - Standard scoring.


I would definitely run with Parker. He’s been Cutler’s best friend and will get his targets forced down his throat.


True - but word is that LA will put more coverage on Parker. Still play him over Cohen who could see a bit of extra work if Howard is limited?


The rams have played a lot of Man, so I could see a safety over the top eyeing Parker. But remember in Chicago that never stopped Cutler from targeting Alshon. I imagine more of the same here.


Fair enough - any thoughts on whether you would play Parker over Alshon (who I also have) and then Flex Cohen?


That’s a tougher one because we haven’t seen Cutler play this season, but Wentz has been fairly good.