David Johnson 2 for 1 trade

Got offered golloday and Conner for David Johnson full PPR. Currently DJ is my RB 2 behind CEH. My WR are diggs and woods. Should I make this trade?

Who are your other rbs?

I don’t think so, golladay hasn’t even trained yet, could end up being 6 weeks before he does anything for your team, and Connor is already showing why people don’t want him. Both are headaches that I probably want to avoid, but if DJ is your 3rd or 4th RB taking the dice roll could be worth it

Sorry just saw you say DJ is your 2, I would hold him personally. Too much risk in the other 2

Yea this is my squad as of right now. I always tell everyone I’m always open to trade. Someone offered me D.HOP for CEH but I said no.

My roster

I’d hold with DJ. I know it’s only 1 game but He looked good. I don’t want the headache of Conner wondering if he is healthy every week and personally I’m trying to get Golladay low if I can but you already have Parker so you don’t want to be dealing with two guys like that