David Johnson and Chark for Saquan?

Help with this trade! Was offered Saquan for David Johnson and Chark
.5 PPR for RB and full PPR for WR
I have

QB: Brady, Dalton, d Jones

RB: David Johnson, L Bell, M Ingram, Singletary, Edmunds, D Montgomery

Wr: D Hop, Michael Thomas, Chark, Hilton, John Brown, Diggs

TE: Kittle and Engram

I would, you’re WRs are very good, you’re getting the best player in the deal in Saquon, insanely good pairing w/Bell. Both DJs are great, but Saquon is a league winner as long as he’s healthy, and clearly he’s not human for how quickly he came back from this.

Yeah I’m just hesitant because we have to start 3 receivers every week and Chark has been so good haha

I would do that

Would you still do this and add Edmonds ? Debating if I want in on the Saquan show with that ankle?

Definitely will do this

Hope you got it done before the cardinals RB signings