David Johnson and Chris Hogan for Keenan Allen?

12 team full ppr. I was just offered Keenan Allen for DJ and Hogan, and after watching 2 weeks of the Cardinals offense I am beginning to tilt heavily. I like DJs talent, but I’m not confident in Arizona’s ability to make him a consistent threat. I was high on hogan coming in as well, but Allen is very tempting to me. (plus im a chargers fan, so this one’s tugging at the heart strings)

The rest of my roster looks as such;

QB: Stafford
RB: McCaffrey
WR: Hilton
WR: Cooper
FLEX: Hogan
FLEX: Lynch
TE: Burton

Bench: Buck Allen, Philip Lindsay, Jamaal Williams, Corey Davis, Goodwin, Pettis

Am I just over reacting to DJ and being a homer? Any advice or thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

I wouldn’t do this. I might consider it if it were DJ for Allen straight up and even then I’d be hesitant to get rid of Johnson so quickly at that kind of discount.

I think I agree. Is Hogan the kicker for you?

Kind of but not entirely. A trade of DJ for Allen would be tough for me to pull the trigger on, so adding a WR who actually has decent value to DJ just feels like a massive undersell on DJ. I feel like DJs worst case scenario is to be a mid to low level RB2. Think Todd Gurley 2 years ago.

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