David Johnson and Chris Thompson for CMC and Aaron Jones?

I’m thinking about offering this trade. The cmc owner doesn’t have great rbs behind cmc. I’m not sure whether he will take it though.

I wouldnt make this trade. I think DJ is solid this year and I think Thoompson to Jones is a downgrade unless the Packers wisened up and made him the feature back, which they wont barring injury.

But Mcaffery? He is doing very well

If Chris Thompson is a bench player for you and you want to slightly upgrade your RB1 and gamble that Aaron Jones will get more touches then sure.
But if you are playing Thompson weekly, I wouldn’t do it.

I have Hunt as my other rb with Edelman in my flex right now. I also have Corey Davis as a flex play when needed. I just would need Jones for a bye week for Hunt.

CMC + Jones side wins this trade by quite a bit. Is this half or full ppr?

I don’t even know if this guy will accept the trade. I’m not sure how high he is on DJ

This is half ppr. The person I’m trading with doesnt really have an rb2. He has Cmc, Jones, Hines, Coleman. Thompson may be good for him.

I wish you luck but personally think it will be tough to swing that deal man.

Jones is a stud imo and will win out. And in the meantime, he has Coleman. Freeman is out with a bone fracture in his foot so Coleman leads that backfield again. And both I think are better starts than CT most of the time.

Well I’m just gonna send it and see what happens. I want to trade dj but idk what I can get for him.

I’m in the same boat as you man. I sent out DJ offers to every single team in the one league I own him.

Would adding Corey Davis add anything to the Mccaffery trade?

I’m pretty high on Davis. So it does add some value. But it depends on what they other guy thinks. I’m higher on Davis than most. But I’m also really high on Aaron Jones and CMC. As a CMC owner, I wouldn’t take the trade but like you said, it doesn’t hurt to send it and test the waters. Not like it’s an insulting offer or anything.

Then go for it if you feel CMC is better than DJ.

Well it got declined

But Zeke is being shopped also. Would Zeke and Alfred Morris for the same trio work? I know Zeke is worth a little more. This guy needs a little Wr help with Hilton out.

I actually prefer CMC + Jones to Zeke + Morris. So if you can swing that trade, try it out.