David Johnson and Coleman package valuation

I can get those two in exchange for TY mont, Melvin and 2019 1st

I would do it. Who’s your other RB? If Ty Mont is your second, then, yeah, go for it.

What about I get DJ and McCoy

For Melvin, 2019 1st, TY and Bilal?

2019 2nd or 3rd. Bilal could be an RB2, if the Jets take off and Crowell gets injured or goes cold. Same situation for Ty Mont.

He won’t do it. He needs RB depth bad… I don’t blame him, he’s not working with much without McCoy. Think it’s a deal breaker then?

What about

I get DJ, McCoy

He gets mevin, 2019 1st, TY and Antonio Callaway

Cohen and hunt for my Melvin and a 1st??

I wouldn’t do it, but that’s up to you, man. Seems like you’re just shuffling RBs.