David Johnson and Zeke

Whats up guys, Here I am yet again writing to my fellow fantasy footballers with tears dropping on my keyboard. Yet another stud from my team is presumably out for the foreseeable future. First it was Allen Robinson and David Johnson, then Aaron Rogers, and now Zeke, assuming the legal battle is over that is. As of now I sit at 3-5 and in 7th place. Ive scored the most points in my league and have the most scored against me, by a ton (ive played the top scoring team 4 of 8 weeks). My question is this, should I attempt to sell David Johnson and Zeke to one of the top teams in the league? And if so, what kind of value do they even hold? My team is below

QB: D Watson, T Taylor
RB: D Johnson, Zeke, A Abdullah, J Mckinnon, D Martin
WR: K Allen, S Diggs, P Garcon, D Thomas
TE: Gronk
K: S Gostkowski
D: Eagles (streamed), Cardinals

Any input is appreciated

You have to attempt a run at the playoffs so you hardly have a choice IMO. The only players likely to value those two Zeke and Johnson are playoff bound candidates. So approach them and try a two for one combo and hopefully land some decent flex talent to help you these next five weeks.

I agree with you, I think if I don’t do something I wont have a chance to make the playoffs. I believe the owner of K Hunt may be dissatisfied with his recent performances. If it holds true that Zeke wont play till the playoffs I may offer Zeke and DJ + a piece for Hunt.

I’m a Hunt owner and I’d probably take that

what other piece would you want from the team I have?

I like McKinnon, but I just traded him for Julio Jones and kinda regret it.

I’d go for Watson, but I think you will need him.

See if Morris or McFadden are available on waivers for Abdullah, but it depends on your league format

I think I will too. There are two fellas at 7-1. Ill see one shortly and see if hes willing to part ways with M Ingram, L Fournette, or D Freeman. Ill have to message the other guy. He has M Gordon and K Hunt, Outside of that his team is kinda bad, hes just had great matchups.