David Johnson avoidance?

Hypothetical: You drafted David Johnson last year, losing him for the season in the first game.(I did it in two leagues)

You are the 4th or 5th pick in the draft this year, all other running backs in the first tier are gone. Do you take him? What WR’s would you take before David Johnson?

Thanks in advance.

I would, without a second thought. He didn’t have a leg, knee, or back injury, so I don’t expect him to be impacted as a runner, and I doubt seriously that his pass catching ability will take a hit.

It’s easy to get caught up in the “he missed a whole year, he’ll never be healthy again” thing, but he’s going to make someone a very happy owner if he falls to them at 5.


No idea where this DJ fear is coming from. Last year, he was basically the consensus 1.01. Not much has changed since then other than some freak wrist injury. Who cares. We can’t predict injuries especially for someone who has been healthy for the majority of his career with the exception of that season.

The only WR i would even remotely consider taking ahead of DJ is AB. Even then, I’m probably still more comfortable taking DJ. At the 4th or 5th, give me all the DJ shares I can get.

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honestly i always look at it like an odds thing.

Someone who has been hit by a car has better odds to not get hit by a car again then someone who hasn’t? :smiley:

To me DJ going down at 4/5 in some cases 6/7 is wowing. He is the same guy he was last year with fresh legs

I think in DJs case, this is true cause wrist injuries are just random/freak injury.

If it was a knee/ankle/foot related injury though, then I don’t think the hit by a car argument holds as well cause its a scientifically proven fact that someone who tears their ACL is more likely to reinjure than someone who hasn’t before.

correct. this is not a value changing injury. lower leg injury’s are value changing and should be taken into consideration. for instance: I like Dalvin Cook. (another guy I lost last year along with DJ) having a ACL tare his rookie year has me scared of of him for future longevity

I would happily take DJ.

There is a guy in my league who, over the last 22 years, has never kept one player. He has DJ and K. Hunt. I was banking on picking S. Barkley, but if he drops Dj I am all over it with my first pick.

I’m drafting 5th and I’m PRAYING he gets passed on lol

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