David Johnson Dynasty Trade

1/2 PT. PPR Superflex Dynasty Best Ball
I am looking at rebuilding and offering David Johnson for the 2018 1.2 (presumably Guice), 1.4 (Presumably Penny or Michel), 1.12, Jared Goff and Chris Godwin (I always look for an upside throw-in in a trade). Is thias legit offer? Am I asking too much/too little? Thanks for the input!

I think it’s a descent offer. I’m not a huge Goff fan. He’s a flirt-with-QB1 type for me. I also think Godwin’s hype is too much. Getting him included would be great because I’d try to flip him as soon as possible.

I’m totally with you on Goff. He’s loaded at QB but with it being a Superflex, he’s holding on to Wentz, Graps and Mahomes. I may try to flip the 1.12 for a pick next year if the trade goes through to even out risk and try to get one of these many WR’s coming out next year. Thanks!