David Johnson - Dynasty Value

Hi Footclan!

I just finished 6-7 in a dynasty league, half point ppr. My team needs depth at both RB and WR, but especially RB. I am considering making an offer to acquire David Johnson, hoping that he goes to a new team and gets a solid work load. Do you believe that he is a good dynasty asset?


Bump! Am trying to make a trade offer and could use some insight!

You brought up the major points. that you dont know where he’ll land and what kind of workload he gets. So while he may still have value for dynasty i wouldnt go trading alot away to get him

What would you trade for him?
I don’t play dynasty but if I did I would definitely try to grab him. He could end up in Tampa back with Arians.

I was going to offer Keenan Allen and Matt Brieda or Latavias Murray for Dacid Johnson and DJ Chark. That would make Chark my WR1 but my top 2 RBs would be Dalvin Cook and DJ. He sent me an offer of his: David Johnson, DJ Chark and Will Fuller for Dalvin Cook and Alexander Mattison.

That’s a no for me, big dawg.

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Yeah I ended up telling him I’m all set haha

DJ is a good buy low. The key being = buy “low”.

Send a late second round pick as an offer. Make sure they know it’s a legit offer. This is price enforcing. If you “tell” others what their players trade value is. His startup ADP has taken a nose dive. A Manager with DJ will not like this and maybe reject the trade. But you’re playing the long game. They know you’re interested and you’ve placed doubt in their mind of his long term value.


Thank you @fun4willis! You always provide great dynasty advice. Appreciate it! I sent him the offer. I’ll let you know how it goes!