David Johnson for AJ Green?

Hello All, I need your help to trade for AJ Green.

My Current Roster:

QB: Pat
RB: David Johnson, Lynch, alex Collins, Buck Allen, TJ Yeldon, Sony
WR: Hopkins, Gordon, Goodwin, Cobb
TE: Burton, Brate

I am looking to get AJ Green. Current Trade offer is David Johnson for AJ Green.

The team I am trading with is also open to a RB and Draft pick.

0.5 PPR Leage, I am 2-2 and 1 game separates teams 1 Through 10 in our leage.

I don’t think it’s a great idea for you to trade DJ honestly. He’s really your only bonafide, proven RB1. And while he has not performed up to his level yet, he has started to show his old self and Rosen was making some throws that looked quite promising, surprisingly. DJ also is putting up pretty solid numbers for a guy everyone has been trying to get rid of since day 1 of the regular season. His numbers have gotten better every week (aside from the one single digit point total game where he was barely utilized), and ought to keep trending that way as Rosen settles in more and maybe starts getting the ball in Fitz’s hands. Other than DJ, none of your RB’s really have that explosive upside that DJ offers, save for Sony, but I don’t think you can bank on Sony carrying your RB’s based on a single game yet.

I think I’d focus more on using your secondary RB guys to get a leading but perhaps not “elite” WR to complement Hopkins. Maybe Lynch after his big week or the Collins/Buck combo, looking for guys like Woods/Kupp/Baldwin/Tate/Fuller/Ridley/Landry/C. Davis/Edelman etc. Of course ideally focusing on RB-needy teams.

Yeah, i do not want to trade DJ and was looking for other WR to go after besides Green. Because our league is so tight with W/L no one wants to move on any of their players except this team.

I was thinking about trying a Collins and Mid round pick next year for AJ.

Do you think Woods will continue his year? this team also has Woods and I could go after him instead of AJ.

I also have an opportunity to go after Boyd.

I do think Woods will keep it up. He’s legit. I think the Rams will be a powerhouse offensively all year long as long as Gurley is around. And they’ll still be strong even if Gurley were to go down - perhaps even a better situation for Woods since they’ll be passing far more often in that situation.

Kupp has been eating into Woods’ opportunities greatly, too, and I think teams have not spent much time prepping for Kupp’s underneath routes and have been surprised by his speed and agility (hence that first 70 yard or whatever TD he had vs. the Vikings). I don’t doubt Kupp will have a good/very good season, but I think Woods is a better athlete, and he may get lost in the middle to defenders as they focus underneath on Kupp/Gurley and deep on Cooks, hopefully allowing Woods to get consistent open / big looks most games that can easily result in 6.

Boyd would be a good guy have playing behind Hopkins/Gordon. It’s unclear how consistent this is going to be, but clearly Dalton likes him and can work with him well judging by AJ Green’s lower than usual share of targets/yardage. Just make sure you don’t overpay for him - I think he should be worth Collins or Buck to an RB needy team. There are some good WR’s on the waiver wire too I assume there are some still there since you only have 10 teams.

I assume someone got Keke Coutree already. But check out Taywan Taylor (I like his potential as a WR3/low end WR2 type ROS a ton), Dede Westbrook, and Chester Rogers (filling in for Hilton while he’s injured for however long).

This is a 12 team league, there are 2 teams that at the bottom of the pile.

Taylor, Dede, are both available. To pick up one of these players I would have to drop Goodwin or Cobb.

Would you rather have one of the Waiver pickups, Boyd, Woods, or Green? The last three would require trade

I’d rather have Taylor or Dede than Goodwin honestly. Goodwin is a good WR but clearly he is going to be close to irrelevant in this offense until maybe he and Beathard are able to get on the same page after multiple games trying to figure things out more and dealing with Beathard throwing numerous INT’s as he learns…which may mean he just does what he usually ends up doing and throwing it underneath or short crossing routes to people other than Goodwin. Plus Goodwin is hurt/questionable.

I’d drop Goodwin for for either one of Taylor/Dede. Taylor is honestly my preference, but it is riskier bc we know less abt him. Dede has played the whole season and had a couple good-big games. But Taylor I’m confident will end up getting more chances with the lack of depth the Titans have at WR. It’s pretty much just he and Corey Davis out there. And Dion Lewis.

Jax has a ton of equally talented WR’s so it’s kind of a crap shoot. This should be a high scoring week against KC but ROS I prefer Taylor to Dede.