David Johnson for Cooper Kupp

Would you take this trade if you had this as your squad and needed to win for playoff hopes?


Basically would have to start Sutton or D.J. Moore to replace Kupp. Opponent has Carr, Richard and George Kittle…

Unfortunately Kittle went off, so need a lot of points. What do you guys think?

With having obj yah I’d do that to shore up rb

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You could use some depth at RB, and have a lot of good WRs, so yeah I would make that deal if you could…

My thoughts atm are always, will this team continue to work this season or are they done? Raiders for example are done. Sf49 are not. Dunno what’s with Arizona, but it could be a factor, that they will not play him with full load. On the other hand, the rams are so good, Kupp could also be limited the last weeks until the playoffs arrive. Just a thought.

Do you guys think Sutton or D.J. Moore will score enough in place of Kupp?

As much probably not,
enough yes, i would say they are getting into wr2 territory

Because being 3-5…I need every point and win I can get

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