David Johnson for DK Metkalf?

Would you trade David Johnson for DK MetKalf? Standard league. My RBS are coleman,chubb,Singletary and hunt. I need a WR. My WR are Samuel, Edelman, woods, and Gallup.

Man I can’t believe this is an actual question. I am considering the same trade. Honestly, DJ looks to hold no value going forward. That being said I think Edelman and Gallup is solid at WR.

If you need to win this week for playoffs, I say make this trade. Otherwise, see if you can shop around for slightly better.

I let go of Hunt and got Metkalf. I lost and now I have to win 2 games in a row to make playoffs or else I’m outs. I’ll show you a post I did last night of what’s going on. I’ll tag you.