David Johnson for Doug Martin Trade

I have McCoy, Fournette, Abdullah, Rodgers, Martin and Tolbert as my RBs. I was offered David Johnson for Doug in a .5PPR league. Should I make the trade? I started off the year with a loss but I scored the second most in the league so my team is still performing with Doug/Rodgers on my bench. Thanks!

If you have an ir slot I would Forsure you have solid rbs and if you can make playoffs and add DJ watch out

I wouldn’t. Abdullah did not look good in week 1, and that could continue. Rodgers will only be start worthy until Doug comes back. If you trade Doug, Rodgers is eventually useless to you. That leaves you with McCoy, Fournette, and Tolbert. You can’t play Tolbert unless something happens to Mccoy. Your killing your depth for a player that might not play. Not only do you have to make the playoffs and hope DJ is healthy to use him, you also have to think about whether or not the Cardinals will be in a place in the standings where they even have to rush him back. If they’re not in playoff contention, why would they rush him back?

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Trades like this can win or lose you the league that’s how I look at GO for the win lol

Nope, wouldn’t do it. You’d get DJ for only a few games and there’s always the potential that they just shut him down if the team is as terrible as they looked week 1.

IF you have an IR spot, it’s intriguing but not worth depleting your depth for almost the entire year on the hopes that you make the playoffs and that’s IF DJ plays at all. However, someone in your league will probably take a shot on him…

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I don’t know I feel like it is sketchy since he may not return at all this year if the Cards are out of the playoff race

I think Gwill250 is exactly right. You don’t have enough depth and DJ would need to be healthy enough to be put back in and would need to come out of recovery in a situation where the team is playoff relevant in order for him to be back in.

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