David Johnson for Duke Johnson? PPR

So since the Cardinals season is basically over, the chance of David Johnson coming back is even worse now… my RB are James White, Doug Martin and Tevin Coleman… so should I trade David Johnson for Duke Johnson?

Assuming this isn’t a dynasty/keeper format, I would probably make this trade. It’s a tough call but David Johnson’s chances of coming back this year were slim from the start and with Palmer out now the Cards will be struggling to win games. I doubt they would risk bringing DJ back when they are well below .500 and are many games removed from playoff contention. That’s just my opinion though, Duke is fine in PPR.

i got the same feeling I been holding onto Johnson as well. I been trying to shop him around but no one wants him. Im in a standard league, and when Stanton has had to step on for Palmer, Johnson numbers went down. I want to hold him but I know they are not gonna bring him back and I will be stuck with him till the out designation for the rest of the season shows up…:frowning: guess I will just drop him :\

Yeah I would have to agree. Tho it’s always hard to tell with those MONSTER players, my thoughts are that even if DJ does make it back this year, I wouldn’t be real confident in him putting up MONSTER numbers right off the bat. (Again…always hard to predict what those TOP players are capable of). BUT…yeah…with Palmer now out, that would be a lot to expect out of DJ…coming back from major injury AND to a QB he’s not used to. And The Duke is fairly reliable. I have him myself. He’s put up double-digits 5 out of 7 weeks. PPR