David Johnson for Hunt Trade

Looking to trade DJ to the 0-2 Kareem Hunt owner.

Give: DJ + choice of Jimmy Graham, M. Williams, C. Kupp, Lockett, Coleman
Get: Hunt

He’s desperate for a TE so I was leaning towards offering Graham. Is that enough or do I need to add more value, like a possible 3 for 1 with any of those choices?

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I like it. I think this is a buy low on DJ but im with you, im ready to bail even with everyone telling me not to. If I pull off a trade for Gronk, im going to try and trade Burton + DJ to the Hunt owner. I think its hard to get value for DJ right now, but I think it is going to be hard a majority of the season. This week vs the bears does not appear to be a week that it is going to get better.

I also have Flash Gordon, who he’s high on.

Is DJ + Flash a better offer than DJ + Graham?

Dont think you can go wrong either way. Who would be your next TE up? Does Gordon make your lineup regularly?

I have Kelce, have not played Gordon yet.

8 man 0.5 ppr so I have the depth

Having Kelce makes me lean Graham. Who do you have at receiver?

Hopkins, Diggs, Lockett, Kupp, Mike Williams. So I can afford to lose either Graham or Gordon

Yeah you can. Id say its up to you!