David Johnson for James Conner ROS Yahoo

There is a guy who keeps sending me trade offers to give me DJ. I know Conner is the better RB currently, but when Bell comes back, I feel Conner will either get split shares or less. 12 team, yahoo standard

My Team (2-0, 3rd):
QB: A. Smith, A. Dalton
RB: J. Conner, S. Michel, J. Mixon, K. Johnson, J. Wilkins
WR: J. Jones, D. Adams, G. Tate, D. Funchess, M. Goodwin
TE: O. Howard
DEF: Cleveland
K: D. Bailey
D: J. Watt

Their Team (1-1, 4th):
QB: D. Brees
RB: A. Kamara, D. Johnson, C. Clement, M. Breida, J. White
WR: T. Hilton, A. Thielen, C. Ridley, M. Sanu
TE: A. Hooper, J. Doyle
DEF: Baltimore
K: A. Vinatieri
D: L David, M. Mack

That’s tough, but I think if you can get DJ for only Conner-level RB potential, you try to get it. I might think about Conner+Johnson for DJ, Breida, and White

Unless you gave yourself a WR upgrade and did Conner+Goodwin for DJ+Thielen

Conner+Goodwin+K. John for DJ+Thielen+Breida

That’s like super even and good for both teams, but overall better for you.

so which of all of those would you offer first, second, third

I personally would just go for it and do the last one I mentioned first. Anyone else want to chime in first tho?

His offers yesterday to me was Mixon/Adams for Johnson/Ridley, then he tried to add White into the mix. I laughed…

In another league, similar situation. This one is ESPN 0.5PPR 6pt TD

My Team (1-1, T-6th):
QB: C. Newton
RB: J. Conner, P. Lindsay, C. Clement, A. Collins, J. Ajayi, M. Mack
WR: A. Brown, D. Adams, L. Fitzgerald, C. Sutton, T. Ginn Jr.
TE: J. James
DEF: Panthers
K: J. Tucker

Their Team (0-2, T-8th):
QB: P. Rivers
RB: D. Johnson, J. Howard, T. Coleman, L. Miller, T. Cohen, A. Peterson
WR: T. Hilton, E. Sanders, J. Gordon, K. Golladay, M. Gallup
TE: E. Ebron
DEF: Saints
K: C. Boswell

Would you try anything here?