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David Johnson for Joe Mixon


I am looking to make a trade for Joe Mixon. This is a keeper league so I am also looking for the future.

I was going to offer David Johnson for Joe Mixon.

What’s your thoughts between these two ROS?


I am very interested to see how this turns out- I am not in a keeper league but am considering a similar trade.


I’d try to make that flip in a heartbeat. I’m in a 13-man keeper league and literally turned down Bell for Mixon earlier today. Too much risk with Bell’s future and I’m not a gambling man. Mixon is a damn workhorse with a very bright future


In a keeper it would be interesting if that would be accepted but it’s worth it for sure, Mixon over DJ ROS and who knows for next year but the Cards have a lot to fix…


As a Mixon owner, I would ignore this offer.

Mixon is a more talented runner, is younger, is on a better team and gets more passing work. There is not a chance I would trade Mixon for DJ.