David Johnson for Julio Jones 1 for 1

Being offered Julio Jones 1 for 1 for David Johnson in a 12 man .5 PPR League (1 QB. 2RB, 2WR,FLEX,TE,K,D/ST)

Current RBS/ Johnson/Howard/Mixon/Bernard/Sony(Playstation) Michel/Ekeler

Current WRS/ Tate/Hogan/Agholor/Cole

Need some help here #Footclan off to an 0-3 start (I did put up 130 this week but lost by 1.7.) Thinking now its time to get the trade machine rumblin and bumblin.

Take that deal!
I don’t see the situation in AZ improving anytime soon, and you have good depth at RB…
Accept it ASAP before he rethinks it…

I know some may worry about Julio Jones TDs, but I am not worried about that at all…
He has the volume and yardage and is a safe weekly play…the TDs will eventually come…

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Given your roster, you need Julio more than you need DJ. You need a true WR1 but if I was the Julio owner, I would be panicking. Julio hasn’t had a TD in… IDK how long and Ridley has strung together solid weeks. DJ’s value can only go up but unfortunately you can’t really wait to sell high.

You don’t lose the deal, but I’m not that excited after agreeing to it.

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Lets cross our fingers for those touchdowns to come back! Definitely think I like the sound of having a safer play there though as well as having someone who can win me a week at any given moment. Hurts my heart to see DJ go though knowing what could come back for sure. Also hope the Ridley hype isn’t to to real just yet. Thanks for the replies fellas!

Try to get another sleeper with major upside or something of that nature along with Julio if you can, I say. You probably don’t want to lose out on this deal so don’t let the whole thing slip, but the person offering Julio is clearly trying to get DJ for a reason…and DJ was #1 around the entire fantasy world for a very good reason. He just hasn’t had much of a chance to show anything off yet. I think Ridley will continue performing well, but not like this week. Julio is still the man in Atl and is Ryan’s first look.

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I like the deal. you might be able to get a little more juice out of it, but i’d be willing to take it at this point

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Given your roster, I would take it.

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Do that trade

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