David Johnson for Julio & Lamar?

12 team, 0.5 PPR league.

RBs: DJ , McCoy, Kerryon , Buck Allen

WRs: AB , Edelman , DT , Stills , Crowder

TE: Brate, Njoku

Thoughts? Probably wiling to go with the Zero RB strategy from here on out with an AB-Julio-Edelman lineup.

hmmm. does the person have blue or more important do you or them have foreman

Blue picked up on waivers today for a crazy FAAB amount and another guy picked up Foreman before I could - I had assumed that no one was paying attention in my league to notice, but I guess I underestimated one guy lol.

hahah as do we all! not a terrible trade but I think you could potenatially get more for DJ (RB1). You already have AB so im not sure grabbing Julio would help you that match. I would try and pursue Kamara, Mccaffrey, and hunt.

Maybe DJ plus Crowder??

The guy I’m trading with (the Julio owner) has a plethora of WRs already - Julio / Golladay / Davis / J. Gordon / J. Brown / Baldwin. He spent many FAAB $ on those guys and somehow got Kenny G by trading away AP.

He also has Dalvin / Michel / Lindsey as his other RBs so I was trying to get a guy like Lindsey from him instead of Lamar, but he wasn’t interested.

DJ, Buck Allen, crowder for Michel and Julio?

I’ve tried grabbing Michel but he is incredibly high on him; he’s probably the one player that he isn’t willing to part with :confused:

I also don’t believe that people value Buck and Crowder that highly based on name, but I know that 2nd half Crowder breakout is coming lol.

id suggest trying to trade with someone else. Test the mccafrey and hunt owners and let me know how it goes

The Hunt owner seems to at least be intrigued by the idea of a DJ trade. Has Cam & Mahomes for QBs.

QB: Cam / Mahomes
RB: Hunt / Howard / Latavius Murray / Ajayi (IR, obvi)
WR: Larry Fitz / Crabtree / Kupp / Mike Williams / DeSean
TEs: Ertz

Thoughts on who I should target? His team has been decimated by injuries, but has the same record as me lol (2-3).

well we would he do DJ for hunt? if so take that now.

if he wont do straight up, maybe try DJ and DT…he needs WR badly and DT coming off big week

DJ for JJ is a good deal. Take it.

Neither of these guys are worth rostering. Lamar > both of them. They all suck but Lamar sucks the least. Blue is just trash and foreman coming back from Achilles. His career is done.

Plot twists: DJ + Edelman for Julio + Phillip Lindsey + Corey Davis/Baldwin or DJ for Dalvin + Golladay.

Thoughts on either?