David Johnson for Lev Bell?

Straight up I get bell for Johnson. Good deal? I have Conner.

Who are your other RB’s?

Royce Freeman

I’m leaning no.

Call me a conspiracy theorist but here is how I see the PIT RB situation going down:

  • Bell Comes back week 10
  • Bell gets “hurt” week 10 to cash in on money, but preserve his body for FA
  • Bell sits the rest of the season (maybe comes back for NFL playoffs)
  • Conner remains relevant all Fantasy Season

I know DJ has not been great by any stretch of the imagination, but I would prefer to get a RB a tier down from Bell (CMC, Howard, etc) instead of Bell coming from weeks 10-16. Furthermore, DJ could turn it around any day now. Most likely won’t, but he could. He is talented enough to do so.

Awesome response. I was flipping back and forth but now settled on no