David Johnson for Melvin Gordon

Am I crazy for giving up David Johnson for Melvin Gordon?

I know DJ has unreal talent. But I don’t have a good feeling about Arizona this season. I don’t think their offense will be good enough to stay on the field and I don’t think the offensive line will be good enough for him to succeed like we hope when he is on the field.

I felt the need to get rid of him quickly, because I do not think his situation is going to get any better this season and I didn’t want the frustration of holding on to him to watch his value drop.

I feel good getting Melvin Gordon in return. His Offense, line and whole team should be great all season long. As long as he stays healthy I think he can finish as a top 3 back.

Am I crazy for thinking this?

Nope, i don’t think that is crazy at all. In fact i 100% agree. One of the main issues i have with RB’s is that even if the player is unreal, if he’s on a bad team then more often than not the game script goes away from their game.

I know for a fact people will disagree with me, but in just my opinion, i would do that trade.

You know the chargers aren’t awful, and Gordon proved the other day that he can do some work in the receiving game.

Maybe to sate some DJ truthers out there you request a lil more on top of Gordon, just so you can say you got an equal value return.

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I think that was a bit premature. Even if the offense is bad DJ will still finish higher then Gordon. There will be many weeks where DJ is the number target on that team. In this very bad game he reached double digit points even in standard scoring. Ekeler stole a touchdown. Tyrell stole a td. Keenan will take redzone. Mike William’s, travis Benjamin, antonio gates. They all got a share of the action all over the field. If Arizona gets into the redzone they are going to DJ first second and probably third as well. DJ is ranked a tier higher for a reason.

It may have been. But I do not think DJ will find much more success facing Suh and Donald.

Gordon’s teammates may steal some TD’s here and there but he’s gotten 12 each of the past two years. If he gets close to that again this year that is cool with me and I think he’ll also rack up yards between the 20’s.

Even if he has some monster games, I don’t see DJ finishing significantly better than Gordon at the end of the season and I think Gordon might be a better play week to week.

I’m not mad at it at all. May be a little early but Cardinals offense doesn’t look to be getting better anytime soon. :+1:

i love melvin gordon, i had him as my 3rd best rb prior to drafting (and prior to learning that Bell would be holding out into the season). But, I had DJ as my 1st RB choice, and 1st choice overall if i had the 1st pick in the draft. don’t think it’s thaaaaat awful, but think you might’ve pulled the trigger too quickly. hold out another week or 2 and could’ve gotten gordon+ for DJ i think. regardless of the offense, dj is the best receiving back in the nfl and will see numerous targets whether they’re a good or bad offense.

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well… so far so good :smirk:

I rather have Gordon than DJ. Arizona has looked terrible.