David Johnson & ? for Melvin Gordon

I’m 1-4 and really want to move on DJ. I’m targeting Melvin Gordon. We’re half point PPR and play 2 RB, 3 WR, & flex.

My RBs are:
Christian McCaffery
Matt Breida
M Lynch
Gio Bernard (soon to be dropped)

My WRs are:
Keenan Allen
Doug Baldwin
Tyreek Hill
Amari Cooper
Tyler Boyd

His RBs are:
James White
Melvin Gordon
TJ Yeldon
Alex Collins
Tevin Coleman

His WRs are:
S. Diggs
Cooper Kupp
Golden Tate
J Brown

He’s already rejected DJ & A.Cooper and DJ & Tyler Boyd.

Do I offer DJ & Tyreek??

i think you’re going to have to give him 2 clear cut starting RB’s at a minimum, unless you give him an elite WR. but for the 2RB thought – it might suffice on its own, or you may have to include a WR here as well. perhaps:

DJ + Breida/Lynch + Baldwin/Boyd/Cooper for Gordon + Collins/Coleman ?

he has no incentive to give up Gordon for DJ + WR2/3. it’s just a downgrade for him every way. if you were willing to sacrifice a WR1 of yours, and then hopefully were able to quickly make a trade with someone else for a replacement WR1, you could do:

DJ + Allen/Tyreek for Gordon + maybe Tate/Brown

But I think your team would be better off taking the DJ+RB1/2 path (and maybe + a WR2/3) if possible.

I agree that it’s not a bad idea to look at trading DJ while he has decent value and has been improving every week for the past 3 games. it seems likely to me that this AZ team will continue to lose and will know pretty early in the season when they are still fighting a losing battle for playoff contention. at that point i think they end up gradually shutting him down, limiting his touches, generally being extremely cautious with his health. the team can’t afford another full season without him now that they paid up to keep him there.

whether or not that happens will be much clearer after 2 or 3 more weeks, so if you want to get rid of DJ, i agree that right now is a good time to make that move.

Oops didn’t notice you already suggested the DJ+Tyreek option at the bottom. I was thinking maybe you could offer that asking for Gordon + Kupp. I feel like Kupp’s concussion might make that a possibility right now.

if i was melvin gordon owner, in this situation, i wouldnt take anything less than 2rbs like dj + lynch(would rather have breida, but he is injured now). I feel like he is really fine with his wrs, doesnt look like he needs another one. The other option would be to offer him some big package trade like falcones said above…

also, how many are in this league? your teams are just too good lol