David Johnson for OBJ

I got offered OBJ for DJ.
My team -
RBs - Hunt, Dj, Thompson, L Murray
WRs - K Allen, Diggs, Edelman
I don’t have much depth for rb after dj is gone. Can’t trust Thompson to stay healthy and cook may return. This guy also has Aaron jones and Tevin Coleman. I have a feeling Dj may turn things around though

I like the trade, a lot for you. Show us your entire team and a list of who of interest is available on waivers.

Maybe see if you can squeeze Coleman out of him. If the only RB’s you have are what you listed, I don’t think I’d do it. Unless you can dump all your faab on Mack or something.

Mack is already off the waviers. Only Riddick, Montgomery and Barner are there for rbs

That’s pretty tough man. You could acquire OBJ then attempt to get a better RB option for him with a flex level WR packaged in. You’re more likely to achieve that goal with OBJ than you are with DJ. You may put some back channel feelers out for such a trade before accepting this one.

Take it run. Take it and run.

But then he isn’t left with much options for RB?

Doesn’t really matter when you can slot OBJ in the flex.

Also, Murray is a fine start at RB as long as Cook is limited. And Chris Thompson can bridge the gap a bit too.

ANd you can always take Edelman Diggs or Allen and flip them into an RB. You can probably trade Edelman for Chubb right now. Or Allen for Chubb +.

Can’t think about trades in isolation. Need to think about other potential moves down the road.

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And that is why I turn to you for fantasy advice so often haha

You like the chances DJ turns it around? Cook is also out until week 11. But Vikings got bye week 10. Who else could I flip one of my wrs for?

Also the Giants as a whole does not look good to me. But then again, neither do the cards

No offense here, but you seriously haven’t accepted this trade yet?

I know i know, but i hate to give up on DJ especially with his schedule and new offensive coordinator.

Man you’re getting a deal of a lifetime. Don’t overthink it. If nothing more, think of the trade value of OBJ right now vs DJ. It isn’t close. Flip OBJ if you have to but he is a legit elite WR and is going to produce, most weeks. We’re talking a guy that is killing is this season vs a guy that is purely potential, no production this year to date.

Wait, what? Cook out until week 11?

Yeah Vikings shutting him down until after the bye

It is based on reporter speculation right now, still need to monitor his practices and reports through the week as normal. Wouldn’t be at all surprised if he is held out until after the bye though makes a lot of sense for the Vikings to shut him down

Ffs have him since week 2,traded him and a WR for barkley. After the loss of Freeman is this the 2nd disappointment of the season…

You still haven’t accepted this trade? lol. Learn when to cut bail and take the L instead of holding onto players. When an offer this good shows up, you take it. Does it matter if Giants are bad? Sure. Is OBJ still a god? Yes. Eli will limit him sure but given that from a talent perspective, he’s still the 2nd best WR in the league, he overcomes, as he has done so many times already. People act like OBJ has been sucking. In 7 games, dude has put up 4x 100 yard games, never received less than 9 targets, has scored less than 10 ppr points one time (where he scored 9 points) all season. What more are you guys looking for from an elite WR? Seriously, I want to know. And this is his floor. His worst start to a season ever.

The cardinals firing Mike McCoy presented you with another sell high opportunity. YOu would not be getting this offer if they didn’t fire McCoy. McCoy sucks. Worst OC in the league. But the team has more problems than just McCoy. I don’t even know how the next guy up will be. Their oline is still trash. They still have a rookie QB. And they still have a bad team and will be in negative game scripts frequently. Could DJ turn around? Sure. Will he? Unlikely. Why take that risk when you can just grab someone who is already a stud.

Take the deal and run. If you want to sit there and get greedy, that’s up to you. Don’t get emotionally tied to players cause of draft capital. That’s your quickest past to losing.