David Johnson for Saquon Barkley

As the 4-0 David Johnson, Nick Chubb, Chris Carson owner I want to trade for Saquon Barkley. Negotiations are in effect. Is this a good trade for me? The Saquon owner needs points for his missing weeks. Barkley will play Miami in Fantasy playoffs!

I wouldn’t, Think the price is too high for a guy that might still be out 3-6 more weeks. Carson would be more of an even trade for you in my opinion.

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I really agree with you. He is playing hard ball even with DJ. I will probably let it go and stick with my trio

Yeah I think thats a bit too hard but its hard to say no to Barkley. Maybe look at Tyreek Hill’s owner for that kind of move?

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If Barkley comes back within 3 weeks I’m cool with it. Move the two Rbs and flex out Mclaurin, Ronald Jones, or Dissely until Barkley’s return. I own Kittle.

Tyreek scares me but I should shoot message over. My Wr depth is Brandon Cooks, Mclaurin, Marvin Jones. Tyreek could take that group to the next level. The owner is really hurting. Put up a solid 49.8 the past week.


Go Carson and a WR2/3 coming off a good week