David Johnson frustration

Why OH why did Leftwich abandon the good gameplan on how he uses DJ these last 2 weeks? He runs him right up the middle, idiot Rosen don’t even look at him to throw screen plays, and we are seeing WAY too much Chase Edmonds. Such a talented back, but they have NO clue how to use him and its really not that difficult to figure it out. THROW HIM THE DAMN BALL. Stop vulturing with Edmonds. Why do these coaches do this???

To be fair, DJ hasn’t looked like himself this season and in that game in particular, Edmonds was pretty effective. It wasn’t like he was vulturing TDs from the 1 yard line. Ran one in from like 10 yards out. Not saying he’s better than DJ obviously, but in that particular game, he looked better and was more effective the DJ. And NFL coaches care about wins, not about stats. And end of the day, Edmonds got the team the W over the packers in Lambeau so I’d say it worked out for leftwich.

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Would you fade DJ against Detroit in favor of Michel in Miami?

That is a tough one. I also have DJ and I think for the playoffs I am finally going to bench. I was hoping he would play well due to some easy matchups, but now I think I will play Mixon, Chubb and Lindsay over him for the rest of the year.

He has been killing me luckily I got Gurley and cmc. I will bench him in the flex for amari cooper this week coming up. His 4 yard runs up the middle are not gonna help me

Both are against awful defenses against the run. Tie breaker for me again just comes down to the fact that Michel is on a better team. Even in this game, couldn’t have forseen devlin vulturing 2 TDs that could have easily gone to michel. What encouraging still is even though he didn’t get the carry, he was in the backfield when it came goal line time. Not white, not burkhead so that role is secured.

Regarding getting vultured couldn’t you say the same thing about DJ & Edmonds though?

Yes you could. But i was just bringing that up for all the Michel haters out there.

End of the day, even if Michel gets vultured, patriots will simply score more, much more than the cardinals. So he’s just more valuable to me than playing DJ. And Miami’s run D has been one of the best ones to target all season.

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No argument with that