David Johnson/ Julio Jones/ James Conner - Who do you want with your first round pick?

Who is going to start your team up the best? I will pick 9th in a 10 man following my decision of keeping 1 of these 3 players above. Who do you think is the best choice?

Do you have an idea on who is being kept in your league? In a 10 team I’d want to be locked at loaded with at least 1 top tier RB and 1 top tier WR. If there are more RBs you’re comfortable taking around 9th then I’d keep Julio, if there are more WRs you like better I’d keep Conner (personal choice, I’d be perfectly happy with DJ to start this season).

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This comes down to preference and as steve_freitas said positional availability. Any of those are fine keepers and all roughly the same ADP/Tier. My personal preference would be between DJ/Conner and right now I have DJ two spots ahead of him.

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So as of now, the 9 others keepers are
Kamara, Gurley, CMC, Zeke, Bell, Saquon, Odell, Cook, Kelce, and that rounds them out. I lean going RB for the sake of WR pool when I pick nearly back to back.

DJ and Conner both have equal question marks with lots of upside, DJ I feel should be above.

DJ is probably the more skilled back and his job is safer, but I’d take the Pittsburgh O-Line over almost every other line in the league.

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Yeah in that case I would definitely keep one of your backs.

This. DJ is the better talent, but Pittsburgh is proven. Arizona is a question mark in a new offense. They’ll no doubt utilize DJ more, but with a rookie head coach & rookie QB I’ll take the proven commodity.

Don’t you think its scary with that backfield though? Is Conners actually the CLEAR workhorse for them getting all the volume or will someone out produce him…

I definitely think keeping a back and adding a WR to the deep WR pool will work best. The RBs in that area are not too great to call RB1 ie: Chubb, Fournette

Keeping RB when I pick at 9 will have maybe Juju, forsure Evans, Keenan, TY there for my WR1&2 @steve_freitas @keith_ferguson

DJ for me personally.

I tend to lean DJ myself

DJ… clear cut… had an off year last year and was injured before that… prime bounceback candidate… and he was still a RB1 last year even though most people were disappointed with him

Before his injury last year he was the clear workhorse. If healthy, I don’t see why he can’t replicate that… but at the same time, you wouldn’t have to worry about someone taking the job in Arizona.

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Definitely was and last year was spectacular. I may be super iffy on him but he did everything right last year, it’s just super questionable how the Steelers replace the volume AB left behind and it seems imminent Samuels will get a fine portion.

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DJ for me. If you think the rest of the teams will jump on WR since so many are holding RBs, you might get the jump on them with holding Julio and then maybe DJ is still there if the league is locked in on getting their WRs. But that would be risky admittedly.

DJ for safety as I think he will be a stud. Julio if you are feeling a little risky. But I am not so far apart on either of them. DJ just seems more dependable and RB at that level are not common.

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That’s a great outlook and I definitely can tend to agree with all of it. That’s my tough spot, figuring out if DJ or Mixon will fall to 9 so I can pair them with Julio it seems super unlikely.

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I’d take DJ all day. People are still so down on him because he didn’t turn in a 2,000 yard year last year, but he was still an RB1 in most formats despite that mess of an offense.

New coaching staff, no competition, ascending play at the QB position, and another year removed from a freak injury? Count me in.

David Johnson