David Johnson + K.Gollday for D. Hopkins + S. Michel

I’d be receiving the Hopkins/Michel side.

My roster would be:

QB: M. Ryan/C. Wentz
RB: C. Carson
RB: Kerryon Johnson
WR: D. Hopkins
WR: C. Kupp
TE: E. Engram
Flex: O. Beckham Jr or S. Michel

Is this a good trade for me?

Only if Nuk goes ham.

Michel has killed me this year so I’m super sour on him so I prefer what you have.

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I vote no. Despite Hopkins’ talent on the field, he hasn’t been producing in fantasy. Obviously that will change at some point in the year but Golladay is proving to be the real deal and David Johnson has more upside going forward especially in any kind of PPR format. I think you’re safe with your current players

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Johnson is way better than Michel. Especially if this is .5 of full ppr.

I still think Hopkins is better than Golladay, but not by nearly as much.

I’d prefer the DJ Golladay side.

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It’s a standard league but I’m with you, gonna stand pat.