David Johnson + Montgomery for CMC

The CMC owner only has Fournette and McCoy, so he could definitely use RB depth. He’s pretty set at WR (Godwin, Evans, Gallup, Chark).

Is offering Johnson + Montgomery a good move?

Would leave me with:

Saquon, CMC, Hyde, Howard, AP

Julio, AJ Green, Scary Terry, Dede

You can offer it but the odds of him taking it are slim to none.


if he accepts it it would be a great move! But dont see him accepting it

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Doubt he accepts. Amazing deal for you.

what should/could I offer instead? Sure it’s a single player loss for him, but he gets the depth he’ll need. Also playing into CMC’s bye this week

@iPray2babyJesus2 @hickmanrc34

Based on the players he has that you shared I doubt really anything. I would imagine he’s 4-2 or better, definitely near the top of the league. Did he put CMC on the block or are you just sending a blind offer?

CMC is the RB1, unless his team is in the celler and needs a win i dont see a way to get him without including Saquon and another top player, and then your not really upgrading yourself at all

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just putting in an offer. he’s 5-1. was just looking at his roster and saw he needs RB depth, so figured I might take a shot

fair enough. I was just checking out his roster and saw the need for RB depth (he really only has 2, cuz McCoy is meh at this point). So for bye weeks + injury, figured I’d shoot him an offer to see if he may bite

Doesn’t hurt to put out a feeler, but at 5-1 gonna be hard to get him to bite unless he is clearly “winning the trade” in his mind

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I would want DJ and Julio for CMC.

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I have CMC and even if its his bye week I’m willing to take the L this week to keep him. The bye week argument doesnt work unless he has a losing record wich he doesnt have, which means he can live without CMC for a week. Montgomery and DJ wont cut it. You basically need to offer a WR1 and a RB1 for CMC.