David Johnson or Ajayi/ J.Brown?

Standard League

I don’t think so. Ajayi + Brown? Or are you saying 1:1?

I wouldn’t take it. I’d rather take a chance on DJ rebounding in an improving offense. Ajayi is too much of a health risk for me.

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Along with @Hazel11’s thoughts, DJ also actually looked pretty good today. He did a couple ridiculously athletic things in fact. And Rosen was not a bust at all. Rosen’s performance to me is what revives DJ’s potential to have a very good season. It’s not gonna be like 2016, but some weeks might. I mean, he’s had a good season so far lol. In my PPR league he’s scored 16, 17, 6, and today’s 18 points - and this is just him being super disappointing to everybody / dealing with Sam Bradford/a rookie’s very 1st start.

Sorry guys meant was trying to trade for Johnson offered Brown amd Ajayi