David Johnson or James White ROS?

I have
Josh Jacobs
And DJ
Somebody offered me James white for David Johnson… with the Drake trade and DJ injury. Who would y’all rather keep?

Just gonna bump this

I would think DJ as he has far more upside. I currently have a trade question on the forum unanswered regarding David Johnson though… soooo… I may not be best to answer haha

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Keep DJ. You’re not in any need of RB help right now, starting Saquon, Coleman, and Jacobs each week. When DJ returns and has better matchups, it’ll be right around the playoffs, just in time.
He has far more potential for big games, which is what you want. If you were hurting at RB I’d switch for White, since he’s more consistent right now. But you can afford to stash a star to use at the end of the season.