David Johnson or Latavius Murray?

DJ or Murray this week with Cook out? Both have risks, Dj May be safer but the matchup for Murray is good.

Also I got smacked by Barkley so I need some points this week.

Both are risky . you are correct.

MIN has yet get a rushing TD. I think Murray gets one today.

In order for DJ to be successful today coaching needs to start moving away from being single scripted and use him more in the passing game. Or Vikes are just gonna stack the box and then ur only hope is DJ falls in the end zone once.

I think this is gonna be a ugly one. I could see them getting about the same point totals. I do give murray more of a chance of a TD though. Unless AZ gets their head otta there ass today and starts using him down field.

but i digress… I can’t bench DJ

I know man DJ is too hard to bench. I feel like whoever I bench will do well

I’m praying Mike McCoy uses his brain today.

Welp, I started Dj

at least you got the pitty TD… i started murray and DJ

Garbage time woot woot