David Johnson or Zeke

I have the 1.04 in a 10 team .5 ppr and I’m fairly certain I’m gonna have to choose between DJ and Zeke, because I’m pretty sure Gurley and Lev are gonna go 1 and 2 and then a jaguars fan is ahead of me who I’m almost certain is gonna take fournette at 1.03. So between David Johnson and Zeke, who should I go with and why? Thanks

I personally would go Zeke because he’s literally all that team has right now and they will continue to lean on him heavily every game.

That same argument can go for DJ though, which is why I’m in this tough spot haha

I think the pass-catching ability is the thing that might matter the most here.

Since it’s half point ppr, take DJ. He’ll catch more balls than Zeke and your score will pop a little bit more each time.

And this is a GREAT problem to have, anyway. That dude who will probably take Fournette at 3? I get that you wanna have a homeboy on your squad, but that’s way too early for Fournette. And to pass up either one of the guys you’re grappling with choosing right now? Crazy…

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Yeah I’m not 100% certain he’s gonna take fournette, but earlier this year before the draft order was set he was talking about how much he wanted fournette, and now he has to know that fournette wont make it back to him in the 2nd, so thats why I think hes gonna take him. But yeah this is a great problem to have and I appreciate your input :+1:

It’s DJ for me in any PPR formats.

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I don’t think you can go wrong, but I’d take DJ.