David Johnson Outlook

I traded for David Johnson after week one, giving up Drake and Thielen. For week two that did not work out well. The Cardinals suck and they are not using DJ as they once did. I still have hope that he’ll bounce back. It is worth holding on to DJ?

Well you’re obviously not dropping him and trying to trade him right now would be a mistake too IMO because you won’t get enough in return right now. I think you have to hold on

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As a DJ owner who wants out here’s basically what i’m doing … holding. There’s 2 scenarios in play. 1 a RB needy team comes crawling and offers something big for DJ on the gamble that if DJ hits they can save their season. 2. AZ makes a QB change. Bradford looks awful so as long as bradford is playing i’m benching DJ at this point but if they swap QBs he’s probably worth it. Even iwth a QB swap i’m probably trying to sell him high anyway.