David Johnson Panic Button has been hit! What now?

he’s straight up garbage so far and has caused me to lose 2 weeks in a row. So what do i do with him? I don’t feel like there’s any trade value left on him, but i can’t use him either. What a waste of a 1st round pick!

There is definitely trade value with him still, it’s just depressed from where it was. Is your league any sort of PPR

it’s a 1/2 pt ppr.

He still has value, but I’m definitely tilting a bit with you. I have him in a half PPR as well. The cardinal offense is so bad, but this was to be expected this week against the rams d-line which might be the best in the league. I wouldn’t sell him for too cheap yet because he’ll have some good games. I just can’t view him as a top 4 RB anymore.

Don’t worry, I’m in full tilt too. Oh my god…what have I done?

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I have DJ and Fitz on the same team too and man I’m hoping Josh Rosen can turn them around. The real problem is probably Wilks. Definitely not optimistic about the Cards going forward.

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