David Johnson Playoffs - Trade for?

I am exploring options to trade for DJ. I am confident I can make the playoffs with the team I have after the trade. Then have him back for the playoffs with a lineup up Zeke, McCoy, Hunt and David Johnson. (YES 12-team, 2 Flex, drafted before Ware went down). My question is how risky is it, if i know Johnson will be back and 100% I do it, but this could go wrong. What if the Cardinals are 3-10??

I’d say you have a good rb situation already I personally don’t think you need to do it

Plus we don’t know how things are going to be looking by time he comes back it’s all risky

Hard call to make… as you said if the Cardinals are 3-10 when he comes back will he even play? Or will they rest him for precaution and player development/draft position? Of course if he heals a bit quicker and you can get him for a relative bargain … you could be looking at a huge boost later season and playoffs. It’s such a tough call, im just going to personally bury my head and pretend hes not available.

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