David Johnson, Saquon Barkley, CMC, Jordan Howard, & Joe Mixon

I’m having difficulty deciding who to keep throughout the season after we drafted. I’m weak at the wide receiver position with Golden Tate, Randall Cobb, & Allen Robinson as my potential starting wide receivers. We start two RBs, two WRs, and a flex. 10 team .5 PPR. Saquon and DJ have the same bye week.

I wouldn’t worry about Bye Weeks. It’s a season long league. Not a big deal if you lose that week.

Do you have all of those guys as your running backs? No idea how that is possible unless it’s through keepers I guess. But if you have all those RBs, means others in your league are definitely starving at the position. I would take guys like Mixon who is very over hyped right now and try and secure better WRs.

I’m not usually that worried about bye weeks. This is a very heavy Green Bay Packers home league, so Rodgers went very early in the first round. It really throws off your whole strategy when people draft QBs in the 1st. That’s how I was able to land all of these RBs. Mixon fell to me way too low I just couldn’t pass him up, so not sure if there is much for trade value.