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David Johnson Trade Advice!


I have David Johnson and it’s a one player keeper league. I also have Antonio brown. Should I trade David Johnson even though I won’t be able to Franchise tag him? Ill still be able to keep brown. If so, who would be worth targeting?


Keep johnson. Hes more valuable that AB in the next year or 2. AB is like 30 and johnson is like 25 and his injury was a wrist, aka he doesnt run on it or take alot of hits directly to his wrist (like a knee). Hell be a stud again when he comes back. AB is a stud but rothlisberger might be headed out of pittsburg into retirement after this season and AB cant be far behind.


If someone will give you a lot for Johnson do it, but don’t trade him away for nothing.


Thanks for the advice!


Would someone like Freeman or hunt be worth the trade


mm, idk, i like hunt in that trade the best right now. freeman isnt going anywhere nut i think hunt may prove to be better than he is