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David Johnson trade! Help me out ! Full PPR


Hey peeps,

I am looking to acquire David Johnson, here is the trade I am proposing.

Send: Jordan Howard & Peyton Barber
Receive: David Johnson


If you can make this work that is an amazing trade. I would be very surprised if the other owner accepts that though. Will likely take a strong wr2 paired with a usable running back (Howard, Mccoy, etc.)


I gave up James Conner and Jalen Richard for DJ and Mark Ingram about a week ago. Thought i made a steal at the time. Still happy with the deal, but I hope Bell comes back.


Yeah I still like the deal. I expect bell to come back even if Conner is main back. Can’t let contract toll and lose millions more


I just gave up DJ for Ingram and Will Fuller before his injury. I feel like that is about the minimum you will have to give up to get him. At least 2 star table pieces with higher upside.


The upside is super limited on the 2 you offered