David Johnson Trade! Help! *Time Sensitive*

Looking to trade Nick Chubb and Matt Breida for David Johnson in a 0.5 PPR. Worth it?

Don’t necesarrily want to blow up my RB depth but I feel like this could be a league winning trade with the OC change.

I personally would hold Chubb unless I truly upgraded. Cle has a competitive O and he’s the back in that O. DJ, while we all would like to believe he’ll be used better going forward, still has a very poor O Line. Full PPR maybe a little more thought, but Chubb’s upside for TD’s vs DJ makes me hesitate in .5 ppr.


Nice, that’s a good point. It does feel like a bit of an unnecessary risk. Plus Chubb’s schedule moving forward is pretty nice. Good looking out I appreciate it!

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Not a problem. Wheelin and dealin is half the fun… just want to make sure it’s the right move.

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I like the risk on DJ having true DJ games ROS if you get your way. Otherwise, you’re still playing Zeke and Mixon anyway. Your flex doesn’t suffer really if at all.

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