David Johnson Trade Help!

I have David Johnson and he has been pretty good after the rough start and I think it’s time to trade him.
My team 12 team Half PPR
Rbs - Hunt, DJ, Thompson, L Murray
Wrs - K Allen, Diggs, C Davis, Edelman, Callaway
Te - Brate, Olsen

Who can I possible get for David Johnson along with another player? I like Barkley, not so much Zeke with the Cowboys offense.

I do not think you will be able to get a barkley or Zeke for DJ. I dont think you will be able to get any player for DJ that you need to improve your team.

Could try mid range RB and WR for DJ

I know I can’t get them straight up for DJ but what about a package deal? I also don’t need Wrs.

Very unlikely this could happen. Barkley and Zeke are both way better plays than DJ. As bad as Cowboys offense is, Cardinals offense is worse.

If you wanted Barkley or Zeke, would probably cost you DJ + Diggs. Maybe you get a depth piece back.

Should I just stand pat with the team I have? Or look for other options?

What’s ur take on breida and arob for dj

Pretty even exchange although Breida is hurt so if he’s out multiple weeks, then more lopsided. I’d probably still rather have DJ side though.

Trubisky just isn’t a good QB.

Dude ur telling me… I was so high on arob thinking Trubisky around the 20 or so mark for qbs but effective enough to get this freakish Wideout the ball and I was wrong I want nothing to do with bears offense but breida has a grade 2 ankle sprain so should heal sitting out this week and. A little rehab… I m really just trying to package arob for something someone bites on but I can’t find it

Would standing pat be the move then? Unless another deal comes along. I’m checking if the Kamara owner is panicking.

But I’m guessing they won’t be panicked.

I own kamara myself and that was nothing to panic about… that was a much deserved rest night. I actually lost the week because he only got me 6 and I needed 10 but with Ingram fresh and drew brees getting his at home to set the record it was bound to happen and game script went perfect for him to get that rest.

Edit: I guess if u can find someone panicking though jump on it.