David Johnson Trade - Need Advice

12 team 0.5 PPR

I get: David Johnson, Donte Moncrief

He gets: Davante Adams, Russell Wilson, Dion Lewis

Am I giving up too much in this trade?

I have depth at QB (Cam Newton), and RB (Royce Freeman, Mark Ingram, James Conner, Matt Breida) to survive this move.

My other WRs are Allen Robinson, Emmanuel Sanders, Robby Anderson, Cooper Kupp, and Kelvin Benjamin.

This was an auction draft where I was too patient with my cash and ended up spending it on value picks in the middle and later stages, but I want to trade for a weekly stud.

I don’t like it, soley because at the very minimum, and i mean minimum, i want at least 1 high caliber WR.

You’re fine at QB (how on earth did you get russ and cam unless you drafted them way too early), and while you don’t have studly RB’s, at least you have depth.

I just feel like its going to be a crapshoot in every slot not named david johnson, where at least now you have 2 safe guys in adams and lewis.

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It was an auction, I got both Cam and Russell for extremely cheap because most teams spent huge amounts of their cash on top guys (one guy spent everything possible on Lev Bell, Todd Gurley, and Christian McCaffrey, and went with 1$ picks at every other position).

Take this trade immediately. This is absolute robbery for a top 3 RB in the league. I don’t even know how this is even being considered. Ignore what was said above. Please, for the love of god, go and get DJ for this trade. You will regret it for the remainder of the season if you don’t.


@MikeMeUpp yeah I’m definitely leaning towards taking the trade, but I don’t necessarily think it’s robbery. Davante and Russell are top producers at their positions, I think it’s win for both teams, since he’s extremely weak on his bench and at QB.

Edit: I accepted the trade. Thanks for the input from both sides!

It’s robbery lol. QBs are the easiest to replace and honestly, Wilson’s team is so bad this year he’s literally going to have to repeat as a magician to be productive. Honestly prefer cam to Wilson this year.

Adams is good sure but he doesn’t even crack the top 8 for me at the position. DJ + replacement QB will dwarf the production you get from Wilson and Adams. Trust me, you just trade raped the guy.

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