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David Johnson Trade/Need General Advice


Hey All!

I’m the person in my league who drafted David Johnson first overall. Went RB/RB/RB in a 10-team non-PPR league w/ a flex play. Here’s what I have now
QB: Cousins and Rivers
RB: DJ, Melvin Gordon, DeMarco Murray, CJ Anderson, Tarik Cohen
WR: Crabtree, Jeffrey, Martavis Bryant, Maclin, Golladay
TE: Henry and Doyle

Was just offered Fournette for DJ by the guy in my league who owns Antonio Brown and Zeke as well. Thoughts? Think I could package DJ and someone for Brown?

Also, pick 2 at TE to roster: Henry, Doyle, Fleener, Clay.

Thank you!


I too drafted DJ. Good luck getting brown prob wont happen but it could. depending who else he has wr I would send back DJ and Anderson or Murray for fourbette and a wr that would help you out it’s what I’d do


Wait… He offered you Fornette for DJ straight up? Do that right now.

TEs: do you have to start more than 1? If not, Henry and Clay. Clay for safe floor in case Henry’s baffling non-usage continues, Henry for the upside.


Yes please! Get Fournette before he changes his mind!