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David Johnson trade offer


I was offered gronk and Jordan Howard for David Johnson and Zach ertz. I’m leaning towards no, anyone who sees the other side?
My other rbs are Freeman cook mixon hunt woodhead and Stewart


Definitely keep DJ. Howard’s job isn’t as secure and the Bears offense is rough.


The ONLY situation I would trade DJ is if you’re getting a difference making WR and a RB package. Besides that, forget it


No man. That has a 5-10% chance of paying off. DJ is rock solid. Gronk is risky af. Howard is unproven.


You are stacked with RB’s, wow! There is no other player like David Johnson, and this is not easy, he is the man, but you are stacked. Yes, Gronk is risky, but what are you risking?
When I look over my roster, I ask myself where am I good? And where could I improve? You’re getting the best TE, and yeah you’re giving up Johnson, yes- he’s the best…
But I think that you are well covered in the running back department. I would do this, to improve my team as a whole, and look at the big picture. It’s not easy, but it’s seems logical to me at least.