David Johnson trade tips?

Standard 10-team league
DJ’s owner just said he wants to trade david johnson.
I need some help setting up a trade to send him, can you guys give me some help?
My team:
Gurley, McCaffrey, Conner, Kerryon, Chubb and Ito Smith
Davante Adams, Juju, Taylor Gabriel, Christian Kirk
Ravens, broncos(picked up yesterday for this week)

I sent him Conner + Ito for DJ lol
But doesnt seem to believe in conner with bell back

You could do

if you did not want to loose any wide outs you would have to Mccaffrey straight up or pull someone from his side… Someone lower in value

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Thanks, i was thinking about try to low ball him a bit lol The guy doesnt seem to know that mccoy’s been fired.
I thought about trying something like Kerryon + Chubb or Ito. Would that be ludacris?

ud have to do all 3 and try for the volume thing…

There would be no way he would take 2 of those for DJ

I honestly wouldn’t even want DJ with the squad you have built already. Unless you can get him in a complete steal. His season outlook looks grimmer than before to me…

the reason his value is moving is AZ has a new O coordinator

out with the old n busted

As good as DJ is as a stand-alone player, he’s still on a gutter team calling gutter plays. Don’t over value him when trying to grab him. With your team I dont know that you need him imo

thanks fellas, im keeping my team as it is. He seems to want a lot for DJ because of his draft position, so im letting someone else overpay for him. Thanks for the opinions.