David johnson trade..?!

David Johnson owner is tilting and interested in Emmanuel Sanders… should I pull the trigger?!

Full PPR.

RB’s - Zeke, Cohen, Miller, Howard, Breida, Aaron Jones

WR’s - Tyreek, D.Hop, Sanders, Golladay

I would say so. It’s a risk, you’d have to accept that, but I see DJ, getting to low end RB1 numbers now that mike McCoy was fired. Sanders and hill are kinda close for me, so I don’t see you giving much up for your RB2, unless you’re a 3 WR league.

You need an improved second RB to pair with Zeke so i would say go for it. Even in a 3 WR league you have Golladay and you could sell high on Miller and use him to get another WR3 equal to Sanders if needed

Not sure he’ll get one equal to sanders, he’s been red hot, but I agree with the rest

Update ; Traded away Sanders & Breida for Johnson and Demaryius Thomas. Little risky but I feel like Johnson can get back to his ways