David Johnson & Tyreek for Mixon & Julio

I need some sage advice Foot Clan!

10-team 0.5PPR league - $100 buy in

I was offered my choice of DJ + Tyreek of DK for Mixon & Julio

Here is my squad:

Qb: Kyler
WR: Julio, R. Woods, R. Anderson, AJ Brown, J. Crowder, T. Higgins, B. cooks
RB: Mixon, K. Drake, Lev Bell, J. McKinnon, A. Peterson, J. Jackson
TE: Z. Etrz

I’m 2-2 and not sure what to make of Julio ROS… Obviously DJ is a step down form Mixon, but is the increased production from Tyreek or DK at WR enough to make up for the dip at RB?

Or should I just live with what I have and hope to add Julio back in a few weeks?

Thanks Gang!

I would hold tight.

I don’t like drop from Mixon to DJ considering your other RBs. I think the offer would be good if you have one more RB you had weekly confidence in but right now adding DJ you wouldn’t have a RB1 on your roster.

If you can move Julio on name value along I’m okay. I don’t think Julio can get you much more than Kupp or Juju at this point but packaged with Woods or Robbie maybe you can pull a DK.

That’s the way I’m leaning too. I just can’t risk dropping a potential RB 1 in mixon (although I’m not pumped about his upcoming schedule and the weird injuries that keep being reported)

I don’t hate the idea of pairing julio with another WR to grab DK

What do you think of pairing Julio with a wide out and maybe Justin Jackson to grab DJ?

I’m okay with that. I would try to target a Diggs/Tyreek/ARob/Lockett in 0.5 PPR over DK. That doesn’t discredit DKs ability to produce but I would see if the Julio name value can get you a bit more.