David Johnson Update

For anyone that was still holding on hope for David Johnson, https://twitter.com/RapSheet/status/925449152183619585

I was holding on hope, but this makes me feel comfortable enough to drop him

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Just dropped him):

I was very excited about the possibility of having Bell and DJ for playoffs. So much for that dream!

thanks for posting this, I been holding on so tight in hopes but I will drop him now 3-5 and in search of a running back on waivers. Collins or Darkwa?

I prefer Collins but I haven’t actually seen Darkwa play, just box scores.

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Dang looks like I’m dropping him :confused: 6 bench team and I have zeke too.

Dropped him yesterday and no one has picked him up yet… If anyone sees any news regarding DJ coming back post it here XD

You must have traded for DJ or picked him up hoping for him to come back? Otherwise I have no idea how you ended up with the #1 and #2 RB at the draft. :laughing:

yea, the guy who drafted him dropped him once he got put on IR.