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David Johnson vs Aaron Jones, Aaron Rodgers & Enunwa


What do you guys think?

I think Johnson will probably have a low ceiling this season and I see the GB offence picking up after their bye once Rodgers gets healthier.

Also Mixon and Johnson have the same bye week.

I’m currently leading the league witha 3-1 record. Half PPR

David Johnson
Tyreek Hill
Brandin Cooks
Sony Michel (flex)


I’m inclined on doing it. Rodgers should be reliable in a couple weeks, Jones seem to be taking over and Enunwa is reliable. None of these guys will be league winners but I think it would help me fill in the bye weeks and my rbs are good enough with Mixon, Hyde and Michel.


I also forgot to say I also have another guy in the league offered me Antonio Brown for David Johnson but I’m not too keen on it since Pittsburgh is dealing with issues + Juju taking more space in the offence.



Are you insane? Take this deal and run. Take it and run. Doesn’t matter if steelers have issues. AB will produce. This is the only buy low opp you will ever have on AB. They going up vs ATL at home this week. Buying opportunity will be gone by next week.

You act like DJ doesn’t have any issues in his offense? They are easily the worst team in the NFL with a horrible OC. Jesus christ man. Take that deal and run.