David Johnson Week 3 Start or Bench

Hey everyone,
Unfortuantely, I am stuck with David Johnson and am planning to monitor him over the next two weeks before trading him. I am in a 12 person half ppr league. My concern is, do I start him against the Bears or do I start one of my other lackluster RB’s, Javorius Allen or Theo Riddick. My other RB is Kenyan Drake, but plan on starting him as my other RB. Let me know what you think. Thanks.

Fantasy football analysts get paid to make headlines and exaggerate hot takes. If you are really considering benching david johnson, regardless of how god-awful that offense looks, for theo riddick… Come on man, let’s stay sane here.

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If you’d bench him… try and trade him? You bench him the league will notice if you try and do something later… as far as moving DJ

I’m in the same boat but with a little more depth.

I have tevin Coleman as a backup so I am sitting DJ and playing Coleman… But I am not trading DJ… Not at least until they start rosen and then if he still sucks I’ll then maybe trade DJ.

So everyone has an opinion and most of the time I say start your studs… But I wouldnt fault you for starts buck allen.

If your the fav in the matchup this week… Start buck… But if your prob the underdog… Go with the boom bust of DJ.

I think they start giving DJ more passes the next two games but I don’t think they do much with chicagos DEF. I like week 3 and 4 when they play sea and SF for him to get back to some good points.

But that’s just my opinion

I agree with @louisgedoulis. Come on now, don’t overthink this. Start David Johnson, I wouldn’t even consider going with Allen or Riddick over DJ. Plus it’s not like either of the two of them has a particularly good matchup this week.

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Cant bench DJ for any of those other options. Rule # 1 in fantasy: START YOUR STUDS

Sorry, I hope its ok that I hijack your post and I ask this question, I need trade advice.

10 team 2 QB PPR Keeper league, I am playing the best team in the league this week and he has Mike evans I have Chris Godwin. I only have Luck and Keenum on my roster. I have been offered the following trade:

Receiving Fitzmagic/Carson (plus conditional 2019 6th round pick, if Fitzy gets benched for Winston)
Giving Devonta Freeman/Dante Pettis (plus conditional 16th in return)

I love the idea of having Fitz on Monday Night with Godwin and hedging my % opponent has Evans.